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Over the years our engineers have successfully implemented industrial-strength solutions.

Linked Data Integration

Harvest, map, fuse, publish! What’s this? We’re talking about data here and these are the basic steps that we follow when setting up a Linked Data Integration pipeline.

Linked Data Publishing

By publishing your data as linked data your possibilities to share structured data on a private or public environment are significantly enhanced. Nowadays, these techniques are becoming as easy as publishing a document on the internet.

Taxonomy and Thesaurus management

Do you want to boost the discoverability of your vast amounts of data? Do you want to enhance access to the right information? Then you should really have a look at taxonomies, thesauri, controlled vocabularies, and ontologies and let us help you with their management.

Pragmatic consulting

Whether on business or technical level, we provide practical and efficient consulting, totally tailored to your needs. We believe in a balance between knowledge and experience to provide you with the best solutions to create consistent and proper handling of your organization’s data.

On time software delivery

On-time software delivery, that works, is an art! However complex and demanding the projects are, the long-term expertise of Cognizone’s engineers combined with our specific Kanban-based methodology developed by our Project Leaders guarantees an accurate and on-time delivery of all software components!

Project management

Due to our experience, we know that strong Project Management is required to deliver rock-solid and market-ready solutions! Our Project Leaders are aware of how to get things done.
Cognizone has developed its own Kanban-based methodology to help us make a process to produce consistent work. Our dedicated nature allows us to be very close to our clients which ensures a strong interaction.

Here to support you !

We are sure you’ll not get tired of us! That’s why we will always support and train you after any project delivery. Identifying future improvements is an important and required step to keep your stakeholders satisfied and we help you do that!

Don’t forget! The Cognizone team will always be an added value to maximize your return on investment.

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