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Linked Data Integration

Nowadays, companies are struggling with the amount of data they have. How often are you confronted with missing data because you moved your data from one server to another? How much time do you lose searching for files that you know are related to the one you are currently working on? Cognizone helps you sort it all out!

With many years of experience in data and linked data integration, Cognizone engineers are able to find out with you the best solutions to channel your data in a semantic way.

Semantic technologies allow you to:

  • Describe your data using classifications, schemata, taxonomies, and ontologies.
  • Conceptualise your data and search through it using these concepts.
  • Bring structure and meaning to your data.

Projects that we took part in:

  • Casemates, Gouvernement du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg - Ministère d'Etat : Casemates is the content and metadata dissemination tool for the Luxembourgish legislation. Casemates relies on semantic web technologies: content metadata are described in RDF, relying on an OWL ontology (Jolux + ELI), and using a FRBR structure. Cognizone participated in the development of the application by migrating the data from two different databases to RDF format following a specific ontology (Jolux). Cognizone developed semantics tools to facilitate this creation of RDF data as well as for facilitating the update of the server.

Tools that we are proficient with:

  • Pentaho
  • Tableau
  • ...