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Linked Data Strategies

If companies such as IBM, Microsoft, CISCO, DELL and others have seen the potential of Linked Data, maybe you should consider it as well!

One of our competencies is also to listen with attention and understand your needs exactly in order to help you find the right ways in which Linked Data can be put efficiently into practice. Following are some ways in which linked data can support your company:

  • Linked data allows you to structure existing vendor-specific data into centralise hub to enable all application in your enterprise to access information in a uniform manner.
  • Linked data can support your recommendation system: well-structured data allows you to provide your systems with rich links between products which can, in turn, support your platforms (e-commerce for example).
  • Linked data can allow you to integrate internal and external market data.
  • Linked data can be used as a broker, mapping and interconnecting, indexing and feeding real-time information from a variety of sources.

With more than 15 years of experience, our top-notch engineers have what it takes to suggest you which Linked Data Strategy to adopt!