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Taxonomy and Thesaurus Management

Ever felt like the ever-growing amount of data in your company is getting out of hand? Like the current data structures are not efficient enough?

Here at Cognizone, we love to develop and map taxonomies and ontologies for your organisations!

Well rounded ontology classification of data allows you to:

  • Give clear meaning and validation to your data.
  • Conceptualise your information and search through them with ease.
  • Bring structure and meaning to your data.
  • Integrate information stored in different formats or databases under a single schema.

Taxonomies and ontologies will support you in building links between your current data and datasets. They help you define concepts, labels, synonyms and relations in your datasets. Our engineers have been involved with these notions for the last 15 years! We are the number one team in Belgium to support your company professional metadata management. We have an experience with various stages and approaches to ontology management, which you can pick from depending on your needs:

  • Reusing existing market tested specifications for an efficient development and interoperability.
  • Developing tailor-made classifications for your purpose, where needed.
  • Advising you on how to transform your existing data into these new formats as well as building fresh high-quality content for your application.

We would define with you which taxonomy management systems, open source or not, you should be using to support your work. We can also train your own company employees on appropriate maintenance of data.

Tools that we are proficient with:

  • PoolParty
  • VocBench
  • Mondeca ITM
  • Protégé (by Stanford University)