Cognizone sponsors a team of students in developing Be Badges @ The Summer of Code 2017

Cognizone sponsors a team of students in developing Be Badges @ The Summer of Code 2017


Always eager to promote digital knowledge into the minds of tomorrow, Cognizone is proud to be involved in an exciting adventure: The Open Summer of Code 2017 and the development of Be Badges.

The Open Summer of Code

The Open Summer of Code is a 4 week programme taking place in July which is aiming at providing Belgium based students the training, network and support necessary to transform open innovative projects into powerful real-life services.

It contains a variety of IT projects, going from “IShare” – a digital tool that allows children to visualise data from World War I in an interactive way, to “OASIS” – a quality of experience analytics tool for public transport, or even a Self-powering standalone IoT installation that feeds biodiversity data to the city of Ghent open data portal, called #code9000.

The Be Badges project

Digital Badges

Digital badges... They are new, they are shiny, they are exciting and full of possibilities but most of all they are the future of skills representation!

A badge is a digital image that contains detailed information (data). It proves the existence of a competency or skill set you acquired, may it be through your work experience, your education or other means.
It can be awarded by an organisation, a company you worked for or any institution. The information in the badge shows which entity issued the badge and what for.
Badges may also contain information about criteria that must be met and possibly an expiration date.

They could be related, for example, to a course that you have taken, a test result that you obtained, a project that you completed successfully, your participation in an interesting conference, a publication, etc.

The project

Giving non-IT people a user-friendly tool to create and issue visually attractive, ready to use badges while exploring the possible ways to link them with the ESCO taxonomy and, in doing that, testing the potential of ESCO; that is the scope of the Be Badges project.

Our team of students will have to develop and come up, as they would in a professional labour context, with solutions to create digital badges i.e. developing a badge generator (or badge builder) to be used in Belgium, aiming at increasing the use of badges, both by employers or Public Employment Services and job seekers.
It is our hope that this initiative will be the first step in promoting the concept of digital badges as a beneficial tool to further enhance mobility and skills recognition in the European labour market.

They will need to tackle several aspects in developing the Be Badges such as the issuing of the badges (via blockchain or other means), the representation of the skills and how they are related to occupations, the preservation of the badges or the aspect of trustworthiness and recognition of the badges.

During their work, they will be able to rely on the experience of Cognizone and its partners (see below) in the different IT domains that digital badges involve.

The partners

This year, Cognizone is partnering with:

- Bosa DG R&O (former SELOR) – the Belgian Federal Government institution responsible for screening, recruiting, training & career guidance of Federal civil servants. Bosa is currently powering Be Badges – an Open Badges inspired platform;
- Bosa DG DT (former Fedict) , the Belgian Federal Government institution for Digital Transformation with a strong expertise on Open Data;
- Jobpunt Vlaanderen, the HR partner of governmental organisations in Flanders and a leading organisation in bringing the innovation of Open Badges to the labour market;
- OpenKnowledge Belgium, the non-profit organisation that organises the "Open summer of Code" initiative;

to assist and sponsor a team of 5 students on the very exciting Be Badges project and bring them our expertise and knowledge on linked open data, data management and on the soon to be published ESCO classification.

For more information on the Open Summer of Code 2017 please follow this link and Be Badges on Twitter.


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