ESCO V.1 Released!

ESCO V.1 Released!

It is with a mixed feeling of pride and relief that we are (very) happy to announce that the first version of ESCO is LIVE and ready to be used!


ESCO, the European classification of Skills, Competences, Occupations and Qualifications is a project that our team members have been involved with, under partnership with other actors, for the last 7 years.
The classification – available in 26 languages (the 24 EU languages, Icelandic and Norwegian) – covers 2 942 occupations, 13 485 knowledge, skills and competences and will progressively display information on qualifications provided by the Member States.

ESCO will facilitate the dialogue between the labour market and the education/training sector by providing a common language that will help overcome labour market imbalances and increase occupational and geographical mobility in the EU.
The publication will be followed by a conference entitled “ESCO: connecting people and jobs” that will take place in Brussels the 9 and 10 of October 2017. During this occasion, the Commission will showcase concrete use cases of ESCO and its added value in various applications.

On our end, we have already started to explore some of the possibilities that ESCO offers by advising a team on how to use it during the Belgian Open Summer of Code 2017 (#oSoc17).
Its task consisted in developing a digital badge builder linked with the ESCO skills pillar (check out our article, Facebook page and Twitter feed to know more about that awesome project)

Start discovering ESCO now!

  • Cognizone's Mission Statement
    13 July 2018

    It took us roughly three years, but we finally managed to have it!

    A mission statement... A “motto” that characterizes us fully! Trust me, we ain't the easiest persons to have us all agreeing on a simple phrase that encompasses our beliefs, our strategies and plans and our relationship with our partners and clients.

  • Cognizone @ ESCO v.1 launching conference!
    16 October 2017

    ESCO v1 was successfully presented to the world during the ESCO Conference in Brussels.
    Cognizone, as the technical arm behind ESCO, was of course present and actively participated in the different activities composing the two days the event would last.

  • QDR to be presented by Cognizone @ SEMANTiCS 2017 in Amsterdam!
    11 August 2017

    Cognizone is proud and excited to actively participate in the Semantics 2017 conference, one of the main international events of the year related to semantic technologies, where business users, vendors and academia meet.
    During this gathering, we will present a project we have been developing for more than a year in the context of ESCO: The Qualification Data Repository (QDR).

  • ESCO V.1 Released!
    01 August 2017

    It is with a mixed feeling of pride and relief that we are (very) happy to announce that the first version of ESCO is LIVE and ready to be used!