Honza F​​​örster
Project Leader
Honza F​​​örster
+32 498 13 33 81

Honza is the silent force of the group. No matter how complex or demanding your projects are, Honza's technical and practical approach will help you out 100% of the times.

Honza has both the technical understanding of semantic technologies and content development as well as an extended experience of leading successful projects in the public domain.

In recent years he managed, for example, these projects:

  • A project which aimed to harness the content for the European classification ESCO;

  • Development of a software ETL tool to harvest qualification information across Europe;

  • A project to test the practical application of the ESCO classification with external partners.

Honza is also experienced with data manipulation tools such as SPARQL, Protégé or Open refine.