Linked Data Publishing

Use linked data to support complex data combinations.

We support you in publishing your data by using open standards and technologies such as RDF, rules and query languages like SPARQL. All technologies that will help us resolve your problems.

The power of using linked data to support complex data combinations in your applications is that you can leverage the benefits of data reuse, extend proprietary content with data from public sources, and cooperate with external parties.

We can help you implement solutions to:

link data to other data published under the same guidelines

ensure that your data is well managed

ensure quality before publication

With many years of experience in linked data integration and publication, we can help you with your SPARQL for data querying or RDF editing. And provide you with cost-effective solutions.

How can Cognizone
support your organisation

Link and fuse your data into a robust dataset.
Manage and structure all your data with solutions based on taxonomies, thesauri, controlled vocabularies, and ontologies.