Cognizone's mission statement

Cognizone’s mission statement

It took us roughly three years, but we finally managed to have it!

A mission statement… A “motto” that characterizes us fully! Trust me, we ain’t the easiest persons to have us all agreeing on a simple phrase that encompasses our beliefs, our strategies and plans and our relationship with our partners and clients.

In its core, Cognizone is about…


Sweet right?! Of course we didn’t wait to come up with this statement to apply it into our daily work life. In fact it was already there in spirit when Cognizone was born, exactly three years ago.

But even if it was already present and guiding us since then, we still needed to put words and context (we are semantic guys after all!) to express the essence of what we aim to achieve as a company.

With this statement we emphasise on the fact that we are not only experts in data sciences and software engineering but that, through our projects, data are published in a way which is good for citizens, companies, researchers or any stakeholder for which they are intended. Our use of semantic solutions makes the data we process of high quality, transparent, interoperable, reusable and interpretable both by “machines” and people so they can be put to good use through applications and services that can benefit to the society.

Expressing this mission statement triggered the process to further define who we are and what we do, to shape our corporate identity and clearly share this message to (potential) partners and clients.

Stay tuned!