Taxonomy and Thesaurus management

We keep your data clean, structured and ready to use

We use taxonomies, thesauri, controlled vocabularies, and ontologies to manage your data.

We love to develop efficient semantic assets, like taxonomies and ontologies.

Do you want to boost the discoverability of your vast amounts of data? Do you want to enhance access to the right information?
Is the ever-growing amount of data in your company getting out of hand?

We can help you manage and structure all your data with solutions based on taxonomies, thesauri, controlled vocabularies, and ontologies.

Our semantic engineers have been developing assets like efficient semantic for nearly 15 years

Efficient semantic assets as in data structures provide clear contextual meaning. That properly validate your data. That gives structure to your data and promote search and retrieval. That integrates data and information stored in various formats and different silos.

Semantic assets like taxonomies and ontologies do exactly the same but they likewise allow you to build links between your data. They help you define concepts, labels, synonyms, and relations.

We are the number one team in Belgium to support your company’s data management.

How can Cognizone
support your organisation

Use linked data to support complex data combinations.
Link and fuse your data into a robust dataset.