Taxonomy and Thesaurus management

Is the ever-growing amount of data in your company getting out of hand? Maybe your current data structures are not efficient enough?

Here at Cognizone, we love to develop efficient semantic assets, like taxonomies and ontologies!

Efficient semantic assets? What’s this?

Assets as in data structures, that provide clear contextual meaning and that as well validate your data. That bring structure to your data and ease search and retrieval. That integrate data and information stored in various formats and different silos.
Semantic assets like taxonomies and ontologies do exactly the above. They enable you to build links between your data. They help you define concepts, labels, synonyms and relations.

Cognizone semantic engineers have been developing such assets for nearly 15 years! We are the number one team in Belgium to support your company’s data management.

So many tools out there and still growing! How can I choose the best ones for my needs?

Yes, reusing existing tools and specifications that have matured and that are “market validated” is the way to go. Ooops, we forgot to mention the word open!
Open standards, open source, open data; yes, now we feel better!

We can assist you when choosing the most appropriate semantic assets for your organization and we can support you throughout its whole life cycle.