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Our software developers and architects, business consultants, project leaders and designers have one thing in common: PASSION.

Cognizone semantic engineers have been developing such assets for nearly 15 years! We are the number one team in Belgium to support your company’s data management.’

Agis Papantoniou - Linkedin
Agis Papantoniou - Email
Agis Papantoniou

Agis is a data fusion evengelist, an ambassadot of linked and open data, with a passion for technology and a permanent obsession with challenges.

On top of being Cognizone CEO, Agis has been involved, during the last 7 years, in the European Skills, Competences and Occupations (ESCO) framework project as a Project and Program Manager and Senior Consultant. After the completion of his PhD thesis in 2003 Agis has been a Senior Researcher and Visiting Lecturer at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), performing research over LOD and participating as a Project Manager and Senior Consultant in Information Technology projects worldwide.

From September 2012 until February 2013 Agis was an Invited Expert in the w3c Government Linked Data Working Group and a co-editor of the w3c Registered Organization Vocabulary.

Head of Development
Dominique Vandensteen - Linkedin
Dominique Vandensteen - Email
Dominique Vandensteen

Dominique is the ”Lightning Bolt” of Cognizone, watch out as his coding speed might strike you hard! He’s a JAVA lover, a SPARQL champion and a UX ”Nerdy”. Dominique is Cognizone Head of Development.

He has developed and implemented solutions on different infrastructures, ranging from classic servers to handheld devices. In his projects, he make sure that existing resources (servers, automated build & testing tools…) were supporting the development process in the most optimal way.

Natan Cox - Linkedin
Natan Cox - Email
Natan Cox

Nathan is the data guru of the group. He is an experienced and hands-on Java software architect who has been building IT application for more than 15 years.

His experience as a senior developer is valuable when coaching and leading development teams; guiding them to make sure that as a team they take the correct technical decisions and always consider the bigger picture.

Natan has a deep understanding of business processes and development practices. He has a pragmatic view on implementations of standards, automation, and modelling in helping businesses to achieve their objectives.

He is knowledgeable of common technologies such as databases, web and messaging but also keeps a keen eye on innovative areas such as NoSQL databases, micro-service architectures, cloud technologies and Linked Open Data.

Head of Knowledge Engineering
Pieter Fannes - Linkedin
Pieter Fannes - Email
Pieter Fannes

Pieter, the ”Thinker”, is always lost in his ontologies and models. His favourite pet is an owl, we often see him carrying it. Pieter is Cognizone’s Head of Knowledge Engineering.

Pieter is a senior Java analyst and developer with an extensive knowledge of semantic technologies, linked open data, ontology engineering and data modelling as well as web application development.

Pieter is well acquainted with the latest technological evolution in this area. At the same time, based on his experience, he knows what it takes to write rock-solid code for reliable industrial strength applications.

He is a seasoned JAVA, SPRING engineer with years of experience working in a project environment. Pieter has already worked for large organisations like Philips and the European Commission.

Program Manager
Gregory De Backer - Linkedin
Gregory De Backer - Email
Gregory De Backer

Gregory is the Swiss knife of Cognizone. If provided with good coffee, Gregory will always find the best and cost-efficient approach to fulfill and lead your needs!

Gregory is the Cognizone Program Manager taking care of all the Project Leaders, making their life as comfortable as possible (“coughing starts”) and on top of that he’s managing the Legi4CH and Legi4LU projects.
Over the years Gregory has become a real expert on the domains of Linked and Open Legislation and Labour Market Technologies with emphasis on qualifications and their implementation in Europe.

Project Leader
Honza F​​​örster - Linkedin
Honza F​​​örster - Email
Honza F​​​örster

Honza is the silent force of the group. No matter how complex or demanding your projects are, Honza’s technical and practical approach will help you out 100% of the times.

Honza has both the technical understanding of semantic technologies and content development as well as an extended experience of leading successful projects in the public domain.

Currently, he is responsible for the technical infrastructure of the European classification of Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations (ESCO).

Software Engineer
Anders Fuglseth - Linkedin
Anders Fuglseth - Email
Anders Fuglseth

Anders is our Norwegian guy! He is a software engineer comfortable and skilled both in front and back end software development, highly proficient in Java programming language within frameworks like SpringBoot and Angular. He has been deeply involved in the development of the “Projets” application for the Luxembourgish Legislation Central Service, as well as European projects such as the Qualification Dataset Register (QDR), the third pillar of the ESCO platform .
Anders is well versed in database technologies such as Elasticsearch, Relational/SQL, RDF/SPARQL and data visualisation technologies such as Kibana.


Software Engineer
Straton Samaridis - Linkedin
Straton Samaridis - Email
Straton Samaridis

Straton is our Alan Key. Straton is here to amaze all of you with his coding skills or his guitar solos!

Straton has worked as a Software and Hardware Engineer for the Hellenic Army in Athens, Greece, while fulfiling his army duty.

He also had the chance to perform an internship in IBM Belgium as a Cloud Solutions Representative.

Straton has a big interest in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence with focus on Knowledge Representation, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and many other topics. At the moment he is pursuing his second MSc degree, in Artificial Intelligence.

HR & Administration Manager
Marie-France Ansieaux - Linkedin
Marie-France Ansieaux - Email
Marie-France Ansieaux

Marie-France is in charge of our social and administrative day to day life, so the rest of us can focus entirely on Cognizone’s core business.

She worked for nearly 12 years in an employers’ federation where she had the pleasure (among others) to get acquainted with marathon negotiations between social partners, leading to agreements redacted until 5 a.m. on a table corner. Giving sound advice to her colleagues and organisation members was always her focus and priority.

We are lucky to have her on our side now, acting as our personal IT guardian angel and looking after our best interests.

Project Leader
Diego Grodent Aguirre - Linkedin
Diego Grodent Aguirre - Email
Diego Grodent Aguirre

Diego is our multicultural and multifunctional Project Leader & Business Analyst. He will bring solutions to your needs in French, Spanish, English or Portuguese!

Open to the world and to people, he is like a sponge and will intake all the information you provide him with in order to help you in the most suited way.

Highly adaptable and stress resilient, his analytic mind and quick understanding of work processes and dynamics makes him one of the most valuable members of our team.

System Administrator
Nikos Papantoniou - Linkedin
Nikos Papantoniou - Email
Nikos Papantoniou

Nikos is the driving force behind Cognizone’s CI/CD process. Despite his young age, he’s already mastering tools like Ansible, Dokker, Jenkins and he makes sure that our Project Managers can deliver releases in quality and on time. Rumor has it that recently he’s into Azure adventures as well, supporting software installations in our clients. Nikos is studying for his Bachelor in Computer Science at the University of Piraeus.

User Experience Designer
Hicham Alaoui - Linkedin
Hicham Alaoui - Email
Hicham Alaoui

Hicham joined Cognizone in 2018 as a UX-UI designer. He support clients and teams in the design and show the way how to success their digital projects. Hicham started to work in this field 4 years ago as a freelance graphic designer, but later he specialized as a UX-UI designer. Hicham has graduated from the Ecole Internationale du Cinéma de Paris (EICAR) and the University of Paris 10 in the field of cinematography. Right before Hicham joined Cognizone team he followed a two-year training course as a web designer in Brussels.

Software Engineer
Guillaume Jouret - Linkedin
Guillaume Jouret - Email
Guillaume Jouret
Software Engineer
Shikhat Karkee - Linkedin
Shikhat Karkee - Email
Shikhat Karkee

Shikhat joined Cognizone in January 2019 as a Software Engineer. He has been working primarily in backend development of ESCO applications, along with data modelling. Shikhat graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany in June 2018.

Software Engineer
Cem Saglam - Linkedin
Cem Saglam - Email
Cem Saglam

Cem joined Cognizone as a front-end developer in January 2019. Since then, his main focus has been front-end development and creating pixel-perfect experiences for the end users. In Cognizone, he also found the opportunity to simultaneously tackle back-end development and to diversify his skill set.  Cem holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Sabanci University. During his study years he have build a strong theoretical and practical foundations of software development.

On his personal time Cem’s catching up with new trends and technologies in software development, making music, playing board games and performing in improv theater sessions. 

Software Engineer
Sasha Kolchedantseva - Linkedin
Sasha Kolchedantseva - Email
Sasha Kolchedantseva

Sasha joined Cognizone in February 2019 as a Software Engineer. From the very first day she has shown great potential. Her knowledge in computer science have helped Cognizone to get closer to it goals.

Software Engineer
Marianna Tselepi - Linkedin
Marianna Tselepi - Email
Marianna Tselepi

Marianna joined Cognizone in October 2019 as Software Engineer and is working as full-stack developer and implements automated testing. She has brought her knowledge all the way from Greece, where she’s studying Computer Engineering and Informatics at University of Patras.

Business Analyst
Thomas Grivegnée - Linkedin
Thomas Grivegnée - Email
Thomas Grivegnée

Thomas joined the company in April 2019 as Business Analyst. He has an amazing background in this field and he’s one of the greatest assets in our company. Thomas graduated from the University of Namur with a Master of specialization in Business Analysis and IT governance. And he has also studied International Relations and Development in Free University of Brussels. Thomas is a real Open data enthusiast and evangelist. On top of that he loves the idea of combining technology, business and ”activism”.

Systems Administrator
Paschalis Vafiadis - Linkedin
Paschalis Vafiadis - Email
Paschalis Vafiadis

Paschalis is an IT Systems and Network Engineer, with over 25 years of experience. Throughout his career he has been involved in multiple projects, ranging from ERP configurations and installations to setups of AWS and Azure environments. Additionally Paschalis has a significant knowledge of IT networks and systems and he is a Microsoft Professional and CISCO CCNA certified engineer.

Senior Project Leader
Patrick Lezy - Linkedin
Patrick Lezy - Email
Patrick Lezy
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