Every day we stand to build better tools.

We love our job because it's about sharing knowledge and giving meanings to complex relationships.

Why people love
working with us

We’re a team of people who love collaborating to create well-crafted, delightful products. For us, the best part of working together with your dataset as raw material is to turn it into something meaningful and knowledgeable.

Our approach

We help civic-minded organizations and businesses maximize their unique set of data.
We start each new partnership taking a consultative approach to identify:

how we can best support your business needs
how we can answer your user’s needs
how we can provide you with insights about your dataset

Every day we stand to build better tools to help your data making meaning and sharing its knowledge while focusing on your return on investment (not your expenses).

We guarantee on-time delivery. And we deliver each project with support and training.

Our professionalism

Working with Cognizone gives you access to an extended team of specialists, including:

Linked data scientists
Open data ambassadors
Experts in the w3c Government Linked Data
Experts in Linked and Open Legislation
Experts in Labour Market Technologies
Semantic engineers
Project leaders
Software architects
Business analysts
Java analysts

Our services

At Cognizone we are proud to assert our reliability, craftsmanship, and good humour.

We believe that success is everyone’s job and we give our best every day to turn your insights into business outcomes.

We created our method inspired by Kanban principles to helps us the delivery of our products and services.

They already trust us

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with our clients

Our clients expect from us that we meet their needs and their requirements.

We work with you in a continuous improvement way

Every project is a sort of a “living lab”, following a “co-creation” process.

During this co-creation process, we successfully guide our clients through the digital transformation journey by providing “pragmatic” consultancy, showcasing solutions that we have implemented throughout the years.

Inspired by Kanban visual system

Our method provides us with a great set of principles to visualize both the process and our actual work through a development process. The main goal is to identify potential problems and implement gradual improvements.

Our method helps us improve our workflows, reduce cycle time by encouraging to complete work at hand first before taking up new work, increase value to the customer by getting feedback often and early, deliver on time with greater predictability and minimize the cost of delay.

As we value our team and the specificities of every role, our method emphasizes the respect we have in these roles and the responsibilities of each team member.

At Cognizone we believe that success is everyone’s job so we encourage continuous improvement at all levels.

We created our method as a way to implement Kanban principles with Scrum and Agile techniques. To help us improve our processes for higher performance and to build effective implementation’s planning.

Discover how you can embrace your data,
explore new insights and drive new value for your organization.

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