We generate knowledge from your data

At Cognizone, we empower organisations and governments to leverage their data effectively with Semantic Technologies and Linked Data.

We partner with organizations and governments to cultivate a culture of data fluency, where data can flow seamlessly and be leveraged to drive creativity and progress.

At the heart of our mission, we believe that data, when harnessed ethically and effectively, can create substantial positive impacts. We are dedicated to leveraging the potential of data to drive progress, empower decision-making, and shape a future where information is a catalyst for meaningful change.

Empower Your Data, Inspire Transformation

We are committed to making your data a catalyst for innovation and growth. Let us drive your data journey with tailored solutions, leveraging our expertise in semantic technologies to deliver impactful solutions for your unique data challenges.

Semantic Technologies and Linked Open Data

Extract maximum value from your data

Knowledge Graph Implementation

Gain a comprehensive 360-degree view of your enterprise data.

Migration to Semantic Data

Migrate seamlessly your data to a semantic format.

Semantic Data modeling

Create intuitive semantic models that simplify data comprehension and usage across your organization.

Semantic Data Publication

Publish your data in a semantic format, facilitating easy consumption by all your teams and more.

Software Development

We create with you smart digital solutions prioritizing your business goals and tailored to data needs.


We help you define your data needs for tangible business outcomes, leveraging semantic data and Knowledge Graph solutions.

Data-Centric Solutions for Knowledge Graph

We envision a future where effective data management leads to real value. Our Knowledge Graph solutions pave the way for a data-centric strategy, focusing on data quality, linking, curation, and more. At the heart of this strategy is our flagship product, Hanami, a robust tool designed to maximize this approach.
Enterprise knowledge graphs serve as a powerful framework, offering unified views across diverse data silos within your enterprise.

Embrace a more complete understanding of your organization’s data while enhancing collaboration and decision-making.

Partner with Cognizone for innovative solutions and expertise that improve your data knowledge, and connectivity and drive transformative initiatives.

Let’s join forces to tackle your data challenges head-on, with a fresh perspective and transformative solutions.