For good.

We generate knowledge out of your data

Cognizone is a leading software development company

We are specialized in Semantic Technologies and Linked Open Data.
We use open standards and technologies such as RDF and linked data to develop your software.

Our mission
Data for good driven by a passion for semantic solutions
What is the most important thing about your data?

Let’s keep your dataset clean, structure and ready to use

With many years of experience in linked data integration and publication, we can translate heterogeneous Linked Data from the Web into a healthy, robust, and unified dataset while keeping track of where the data comes from.

Get more knowledge from your data

Get insights

Understand the dynamics of taxonomies, thesauri, controlled vocabularies, and ontologies and take action in ways never before possible.

How do we get started?

You deserve a seamless service

We start each new partnership taking a consultative approach to identify how we can best support your business needs. We guarantee on-time delivery. And we deliver each project with support and training.
How best to manage your data?

We rely on the best technologies

We use all leading technologies with a particular focus across typescript, angular, spring boot, semantic web and much more to develop the best software.
We work with you to truly understand your users and elevate your users’ experience.
We are committed to identifying improvements to keep your users satisfied.

Why people love working with us
Powered by talented people

We are a team of fully committed, in-house semantic solutions addicts working from all around the globe.

We believe that success is everyone’s job and we give our best every day to turn your insights into business outcomes, to deliver beautiful software and provide the best experience possible.

Our Project Leaders are very well aware of how to get things done.

That’s why we crafted our Kaban-based methodology to help the delivery of our products and services.

With the right team, the opportunities are limitless
Create the future with us
We are witnessing an accelerated emergence of new semantic technologies and services to manage the increasing amount of Linked Data.

Major companies such as Google are making their semantic data assets a focal point of their product development and marketing initiatives.

Intelligent assistants such as Microsoft Cortana and Siri now have catalyzed a cottage industry of start-ups, representing a diverse range of automated services.

Cognizone is a team of exceptionally talented people. Over the years, we successfully implemented industrial-strength solutions for clients from private companies to public stakeholders.

Every day we stand to build better tools to help your data making meaning and sharing its knowledge while focusing on your return on investment (not your expenses).

We help organisations and governments build their data knowledge and keep developing
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Explore new insights and drive new value for your organization