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We generate knowledge from your data

At Cognizone, we empower organisations and governments to enhance their data knowledge with Semantic Technologies and Linked Open Data.

Using open technologies and standards such as RDF and Linked Data, identifying problems to be solved and business needs, conceiving concrete solutions and ensuring that they come to life, is what we enjoy doing since 2015.

We work with organisations and governments to build their data knowledge

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Specialist Consultancy for Data Challenges

We understand the challenges that businesses face with data management and integration. As a specialist consultancy with long experience in designing and implementing Enterprise Knowledge Graphs, we have the technical skills, industry expertise, and knowledge of open and linked data to help you see data challenges from a new perspective.

Use the power of Semantic Technologies

We are witnessing an accelerated emergence of new semantic technologies and services to tackle the challenges of decentralised data management. By connecting, integrating, and exploring data from multiple sources, businesses can generate new knowledge from existing datasets.

Knowledge graphs provide the most robust framework for gaining insight into your organisation’s data and meeting enterprise production requirements, including stability, availability, and security.

Transform your Data into Knowledge

Contribute to a more open, collaborative ecosystem by enriching and connecting data.

Enterprise Knowledge Graphs with Semantic Technologies can bring you closer to your business value. Adopting this technology will:

  • Enable faster data-driven decisions and reduce barriers for data-centric innovations
  • Improve communication with schemas, ontologies and data that can be interpreted unambiguously
  • Facilitate data discovery building a data catalog
  • Facilitate data integration and publishing using open standards
  • Enrich semantic search with connections and relationships between data points
  • Use all your organisation’s data to get new insights and design better products

Building the Future Together

Enterprise knowledge graphs are a prerequisite for the creation of specific applications powered by intelligent and semantic AI such as business intelligence, expert systems, 360-degree views of customers, fraud detection and investigative intelligence.

If your organisation, like many others, faces challenges in integrating and managing data from various sources, exploring and understanding data, and creating actions that have a real impact.

These are the areas where we operate best at Cognizone, offering you a hybrid deployment to get your organisation started with an Enterprise Knowledge Graph