It all starts with passion.

Cognizone is a team of exceptionally talented people working from all around the globe. We’re a team of people who love collaborating to create well-crafted, delightful products.

Data for good.
With a passion for Semantic Solutions.


The raw material we are working with: Transparency, Open data, Activism…


What drives us. A team of specialists willing to keep the users satisfied.
Without the fear of facing challenges.

Semantic Solutions.

Our skills. Relying on technologies.

Cognizone is a company founded in 2015 by a team of IT engineers of many disciplines who work on Computer Science and Information Technology for the last 15 to 25 years.

We help organizations and businesses maximize their unique set of data by providing IT and Data Management services with a focus on Semantic Technologies, Linked (and Open) Data, Metadata, Thesauri and Controlled Vocabulary Management.

Since 2015, we engaged in 15+ projects on Legislative open data, open data in the Labour Market and Semantic Interoperability. We successfully implemented deliverables in big government and industrial projects like CELLAR, EUROVOC, ESCO, EUROPASS2, Legi4LUX and Legi4CH. [more info about our projects in this article]

We want to stay driven by innovation.

The world moves on, technology follows closely and we want to “taste” AI, especially on the implementation level. To this end, we want to further foster its adoption within the company.

We want to grow, in a careful and structured manner and focus even more on strengthening our corporate culture, which we believe is one of the strongest keys to success.

We are so far financially independent and we want to continue being that, not neglecting though potential investors.

How we work

We use all leading technologies with a particular focus across typescript, angular, spring boot, semantic web and much more to develop the best software.

Every day we stand to build better tools to help your data making meaning and sharing its knowledge while focusing on your return on investment (not your expenses).

And we are proud to assert our reliability, craftsmanship, and good humour.

Over the years, we successfully implemented industrial-strength solutions for a wide range of clients – from private companies to public stakeholders.

Our partners

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Meet the management

Working with Cognizone gives you access to an extended team of specialists managed by a team of managers involved in applying agile values in the best possible way. Our managers are proud to assert their reliability and their craftsmanship in innovation for nearly 15 years.

Meet the management

Working with Cognizone gives you access to an extended team of specialists managed by a team of managers involved in applying agile values in the best possible way. Our managers are proud to assert their reliability and their craftsmanship in innovation for nearly 15 years.

profile picture of Agis Papantoniou

Agis Papantoniou​


Agis is a data fusion evangelist and proud ambassador of linked and open data. With his passion for technology and obsession of challenges, Agis drives every day the Cognizone team into innovation and co-creation.

Before founding Cognizone, Agis Papantoniou worked as a senior researcher and visiting lecturer at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), after the completion of his PhD thesis in 2003.
At the university’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Agis made Linked Open Data his passion and participated as a project manager and senior consultant in IT projects worldwide.
From September 2012 until February 2013 Agis was an invited expert in the W3C Government Linked Data Working Group and a co-editor of the W3C Registered Organization Vocabulary.
For the past five years, Agis has been involved in the European Skills, Competences and Occupations (ESCO) framework project as a project and program manager & senior consultant.

His research Interests: Knowledge Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Semantic Web technologies, Linked, Open Data, Data Visualization, Labour Market Analysis, Ubiquitous Computing.

Natan Cox


Natan is the data guru. In all of human history, his technical knowledge finds no compare.

Natan is an experienced and hands-on Java software architect who has been building IT applications for more than 15 years.

His experience as a senior developer shines when coaching and leading development teams: driving us to take the most efficient technical decisions while keeping in mind the general requirements.
Natan has a deep understanding of business processes and development practices. He has a pragmatic view on implementations of standards, automation and modelling in helping businesses to achieve their objectives.

He is knowledgeable in common technologies such as databases, web and messaging but also keeps an eye on innovative areas such as NoSQL databases, micro-service architectures, cloud technologies, and Linked Open Data.

profile picture of dominique vandensteen

Dominique Vandensteen

Head of Development

Dominique is Cognizone’s lightning bolts – his coding speed is electrifying! He is a Java lover, a SPARQL champion and UX nerdy.

Dominique is a senior application architect and developer with over 15 years of experience. He has extensive knowledge of web application development, JAVA programming, and JAVA architectures. He has developed and implemented solutions on different infrastructures from classic servers to handheld devices.

Dominique steadily investigates how to optimize existing tools and resources to support our development process through the latest available technologies. At the same time, he knows what it takes to write rock-solid code for reliable applications.

He is a firm believer in agile methods and supports the team every day in using sprints, stand-up, daily builds, demos and automated unit tests.

profile picture of gregory debacker

Gregory De Backer

Program Manager

Gregory is the swiss knife of Cognizone. If provided with good coffee, he will always find the best and cost-efficient approach to fulfil and lead your needs! Get settled in your chair, Greg will figure out what to do!

Gregory De Backer started his career at Cognizone as Project Leaders and Business Analyst and participated actively in its growth.

Today, as program manager and founder, he’s a specialist on qualifications and their implementation within Europe.

He’s deeply involved in the elaboration of the Qualification Metadata Schema which is going to be implemented EU wide.

Gregory also participated in the presentation of the project to 15 Member States (at least that is what he told us but we are pretty sure he only went sightseeing).

We are adventurers, volunteers, music lovers, cooks, tailors, mothers & fathers, and much more…

Join the team

We’re looking for passionate and curious people to join us. We value clear communication, creativity, full ownership and responsibility.

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