Migration to Semantic Data

Well-structured taxonomies and ontologies can be used for enhancing information discovery and management.

Diagram illustrating how a 'concept' can be linked to various terms and labels to define it. With, horizontally, a box on the left, with a thick black border, containing a title "Concept A" and a bulleted list Relationships, Properties, Doc. 3 lines on the right. The first, blue, splits in two to lead to two framed terms: broader - term B and narrower - term C. The second, green, splits in two to lead to two boxed labels: prefLabel - Label 1 and altLabel - Label 2. The third, red, leads to documentation: scopeNote - Notes.

At Cognizone, we use semantic technologies to support organisations and businesses that wish to move from traditional data formats to semantic formats, in order to unlock the true potential of their data. Our migration services are meticulously designed to facilitate this transition seamlessly.

Our Expertise


Vocabulary Modeling

We specialize in crafting comprehensive vocabulary models tailored to your organization’s unique needs. These models form the foundation for effective semantic data organization and utilization.

Reuse and Exploitation of Open Data Standards

Utilizing open data standards, we ensure seamless reuse and exploitation of standardized data, enabling interoperability and harmonization across datasets.

Data Processing and Indexing for Integration

Our team excels in efficient data processing and indexing methodologies, optimizing data for integration into semantic formats. This facilitates smooth data interoperability and accessibility.

Tailored Migration Plans

We understand that each organization has distinct requirements. Our team of experts collaborates closely with your organization to develop a customized migration plan aligned with your specific needs and goals.

Key Offerings in Migration to Semantic Data

The extensive advantages of deploying Knowledge Graphs pave the way for transformative possibilities within organizations and governmental entities. From structured knowledge representation to empowering AI applications and offering robust frameworks for data management, the profound value of Knowledge Graphs in reshaping data landscapes is undeniable.

At Cognizone, we recognize the potential of Knowledge Graphs and extend our expertise to further harness their capabilities. Our services are tailored to amplify the advantages highlighted by Knowledge Graph deployment, enabling organizations to extract maximum value from this transformative technology.
Semantic Technologies and Linked Open Data

to extract maximum value from your data

Vocabulary Modeling and Customization

Tailored vocabulary models designed to fit your organizational requirements seamlessly.

Customized Migration Plans

Tailored migration strategies developed in close collaboration with your organization for a seamless transition.

Leveraging Open Data Standards

Harnessing the power of open data standards to ensure data reusability and standardization.

Efficient Data Processing for Integration

Streamlined data processing and indexing methodologies facilitating smooth integration into semantic formats.

Software Development

to create with you smart digital solutions prioritizing your business goals and tailored to data needs.


to help you define your data needs for tangible business outcomes, leveraging semantic data and Knowledge Graph solutions.

Your Journey to Empowered Data

We know the diverse challenges each customer encounters, especially in Semantic configuration. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach in such transformative endeavors; success relies on considering numerous crucial parameters.

Our tailored approach and expertise can ensure you a smooth transition from traditional data formats to semantic ones, unlocking the full potential of your data assets.

Contact us today to explore how our migration services can help you seamlessly transition and maximize the value of your data through semantic technologies.

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