Open Public Data Initiatives in Belgium

Collaboration with Belgian Authorities

We are deeply committed to supporting initiatives that foster open access to public data. Our expertise spans various crucial domains including Knowledge and Ontology engineering, Data fusion and aggregation, and Data visualizations.
Empowering Brussels-Capital Region: Unlocking Public Expenditure Data

In a groundbreaking move, the Brussels-Capital Region has embarked on a journey to make comprehensive cadaster data on public expenditures publicly accessible —
Cognizone is proud to support and the regional Ministry of Digital Transition in every phase of this monumental undertaking. Our role involves providing robust support and guidance throughout the entire process, ensuring the effective and transparent release of this data to the public.

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Partnering with the Flemish Department of Environment

For over three years, Cognizone has been a steadfast partner to the Flemish Department of Environment, providing technical consultancy services in the realms of Semantic Technologies and Linked Open Data. Our involvement spans a spectrum of critical areas, ranging from semantic data modeling to data structuring and publication. Our collaborative efforts aim to enhance data infrastructure, promoting efficient data management strategies within the department.

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