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At Cognizone, our strength lies in the talents of our diverse team spread across the globe. We are a group of passionate individuals who revel in collaboration to craft innovative and delightful products that drive meaningful change. We take pride in our commitment to applying agile values effectively, fostering an environment that encourages creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

We partner with organizations and governments to cultivate a culture of data fluency, where data can flow seamlessly and be leveraged to drive creativity and progress.

At the heart of our mission, we believe that data, when harnessed ethically and effectively, can create substantial positive impacts. We are dedicated to leveraging the potential of data to drive progress, empower decision-making, and shape a future where information is a catalyst for meaningful change. 

Expertise and Experience: meet the management

Working with Cognizone means gaining access to an extended team of specialists led by seasoned managers, with more than 15 years of experience, committed to driving innovation in the realm of data management. Their expertise forms the backbone of our collaborative efforts, guiding the team towards delivering the right solutions.

Greg illustration profile
Gregory De Backer


Gregory De Backer embodies versatility and precision, much like a Swiss army knife. With a penchant for excellent coffee, he seamlessly navigates to the most optimal and cost-effective solutions, effortlessly leading and fulfilling your requirements.

Gregory’s journey at Cognizone began as a Project Leader and Business Analyst, contributing significantly to the company’s expansion. Then, as both a program manager and founder, he specializes in qualifications and their implementation across Europe.

His pivotal role involved spearheading the development of the Qualification Metadata Schema set to be implemented EU-wide, showcasing his deep involvement and expertise in this domain. Notably, Gregory played a key role in presenting the project to representatives from 15 Member States, though there’s a humorous suspicion that he might have indulged in some sightseeing along the way.

Elevated to the role of CEO in 2023, Gregory continues to steer Cognizone with his multifaceted expertise, unwavering commitment, and knack for finding innovative solutions.

Natan illustration profile

Natan Cox


Natan is the data guru. In all of human history, his technical knowledge finds no compare.

With over 15 years of hands-on experience as a Java software architect, Natan has honed his skills in crafting IT applications. His adeptness as a senior developer shines through when guiding and empowering development teams, steering them towards optimal technical choices aligned with overarching requirements.

His profound grasp of business processes and development practices showcases his pragmatic approach to implementing standards, automation, and modeling, all aimed at aiding businesses in achieving project objectives effectively.

Natan’s technical prowess spans conventional technologies like databases, web, and messaging, while also embracing the cutting-edge realms of NoSQL databases, microservice architectures, cloud technologies, and Linked Open Data, reflecting his commitment to staying abreast of innovative trends.

Agis illustration profile

Agis Papantoniou​

VP Business Development

Agis Papantoniou, a fervent advocate for linked and open data, drives innovation at Cognizone with his technology passion and penchant for tackling challenges.

Prior to co-founding Cognizone, Agis Papantoniou held prestigious roles as a senior researcher and visiting lecturer at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) following the completion of his PhD thesis in 2003.

During his tenure at the university’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), Agis devoted himself to the fervent exploration of Linked Open Data, immersing himself as a project manager and senior consultant in IT projects on a global scale.

His influential contributions include being an expert in the W3C Government Linked Data Working Group and co-editing the W3C Registered Organization Vocabulary.

For the past five years, Agis has been a pivotal figure in the European Skills, Competencies and Occupations (ESCO) framework, showcasing his expertise in project management and consultancy.

His research interests span Knowledge Engineering, AI, Semantic Web tech, Linked and Open Data, Data Visualization, Labour Market Analysis, and Ubiquitous Computing, shaping the forefront of technological innovation.

Dominique illustration profile

Dominique Vandensteen

Head of Development

Dominique, the force of lightning at Cognizone, dazzles with his electrifying coding speed. A Java enthusiast, SPARQL champion, and UX aficionado, he’s a senior application architect and developer with over 15 years of prowess.

His expertise spans web application development, JAVA programming, and diverse JAVA architectures across various infrastructures, from traditional servers to handheld devices.

Dominique’s focus lies in optimizing existing tools and resources by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance our development processes. Simultaneously, he maintains a steadfast commitment to crafting robust, dependable code for resilient applications.

A strong advocate for agile methodologies, Dominique actively supports the team in implementing sprints, stand-ups, daily builds, demos, and automated unit tests, fostering a dynamic and efficient work environment.

We are adventurers, volunteers, music lovers, cooks, tailors, mothers & fathers, and much more…

Sometimes I start to watch one of the Lord Of The Rings movie, extended edition (of course) while I’m on lunch break… and I don’t resume work until the movie is ended.

I experienced several times, apple juice leaking through my nose because of too much laughter.

I was a pro fashion model for 10 years but that… it stays between us of course.

Before joining Cognizone I used to be an adventurer but took an arrow in the knee.

Everybody at Cognizone thinks I’m the funniest member of the team (but I guess Domi would disagree)

I graduated last of my class in Master in Computer Science…
It’s just a living proof that I was lazy as shit.

I have a million hair

I am a self made millionaire, with no money.

One time when I was a kid, I fell into Richard Gere at the opening of his photo exhibition (like BAM-oups-sorry)

Luckily for me, I’m better at coding than at finding funny quotes.

When in the office I eat pastries in the mornings so if you shake my keyboard you might get a croissant.

I’m pro at casually taking naps on my desk. Also that blanket in the closet is mine.

I once dreamt I was eating a cotton candy and when I woke up my pillow was gone.

I start classical dance evening classes.

When I was a child, I always thought that eating fried chicken would give me supernatural energy.

When I was a child, I always thought that eating fried chicken would give me supernatural energy.

I have the enthusiasm of a puppy but the attention span of a goldfish. I encounter a potential hobby or an interesting topic, I obsess over it for two weeks, hear about something new and repeat. Safe to say I’m cursed.

My cat shat on every vinyl LPs my schoolmates offered me on my birthday.
Probably because the night before, end of the 70s, official school party – big event, I had my first getting “totally pissed drunk”, and coming home I shooed him off, quite wildly.

Every time some form of chocolate land on my desk, it disappears within minutes. To this day, experts are still trying to figure out how it happens. The most promising lead is that its made from recycled wood that comes from a ship that disappeared in the Bermuda triangle.

I hate mornings and naming variables.
I would have been a pirate but then engineering stole me…and my super power is that I can make a tank of coffee disappear.

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