Semantic Technologies and Linked Open Data


Our proficiency in Semantic Web technologies like RDF, OWL, and SKOS empowers us to deliver adaptable and robust knowledge management solutions. We guide our clients in selecting appropriate semantic technologies, including processing tools and triple stores, while aiding in the publication of data as Open and Linked data.

Our Expertise

  • Advisory Services:

    We offer strategic advice on choosing the right semantic technologies and tools that align with your specific requirements. Our guidance extends to supporting data publication in Open and Linked data formats.

  • Intelligent Semantic Layers:

    Utilizing controlled vocabularies, we create intelligent semantic layers, annotating content automatically or semi-automatically. We enhance search engines, ensuring enriched search capabilities and aid in selecting reusable data and vocabularies.

  • Tailored Solutions:

    Our profound understanding of semantic technologies allows us to tailor solutions precisely meeting your needs. We help you leverage these technologies to their maximum potential, establishing future-proof knowledge management systems.

Key Offerings in Semantic Technologies

Semantic Technologies and Linked Open Data

to extract maximum value from your data

Knowledge Graph Implementation

to gain a comprehensive 360-degree view of your enterprise data.

Migration to Semantic Data

to seamlessly migrate your data to a semantic format.

Semantic Data modeling

to create intuitive semantic models that simplify data comprehension and usage across your organization.

Semantic Data Publication

to publish your data in a semantic format, facilitating easy consumption by all your teams and more.

Software Development

to create with you smart digital solutions prioritizing your business goals and tailored to data needs.


to help you define your data needs for tangible business outcomes, leveraging semantic data and Knowledge Graph solutions.

Your Journey to Empowered Data


We know the diverse challenges each customer encounters, especially in Semantic configuration. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach in such transformative endeavours; success relies on considering numerous crucial parameters.

Whether it’s migrating to semantic data, implementing knowledge graphs, modeling semantic data, or seeking expert consultancy, Cognizone is your strategic partner on your journey toward data-driven excellence.

Let’s get in touch today to embark on a transformative journey, where your data evolves into actionable insights, driving innovation and growth in your organization.

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