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We generate knowledge from your data

At Cognizone, we empower organisations and governments to enhance their data knowledge with Semantic Technologies and Linked Open Data.

Unlock the true value of your data with Cognizone's data-centric approach, and innovative semantic technology solutions.

We enhance our clients’ data ecosystem by connecting data, strategy, and value.

Our data-centric approach prioritizes FAIR principles, enabling seamless integration, interoperability, and automated curation processes to unlock the true value of your data.

We develop user-centric applications that align with your business requirements and we provide technical guidance for seamless implementation and optimal performance.

Our expertise in semantic technologies and open standards like RDF and Linked Data improves data discovery and management, empowering you to generate valuable knowledge.

A data-centric approach

Flexibility and security

Innovative solutions for knowledge management

Open and collaborative ecosystem

We work with organisations and governments to build their data knowledge

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Use the power of Semantic Technologies

We have extensive expertise in a range of areas that enable us to provide the best “hybrid solutions” to our clients. These custom solutions can combine different semantic technologies and support to answer your specific data challenges.

Semantic Technologies and Linked Open Data

We help you build semantic solutions that enable you to extract more value from your data.

Enterprise Knowledge Graph Implementation

We help you implement a knowledge graph that provides a 360-degree view of your enterprise data.

to Semantic Data

We help you migrate your data to semantic data, enabling you to benefit from semantic technologies.

Data modelling

We help you create a semantic model making it easier to understand and spread the use of your data.

Data Publication

We support you with your data publication, to ensure that your data is easily consumable by all your teams. 

Agile Software

We develop custom software solutions that meet your specific data management needs.

Transform your Data into Knowledge

We are witnessing an accelerated emergence of new semantic technologies and services to tackle the challenges of decentralised data management. Businesses can generate new knowledge from existing datasets by connecting, integrating, and exploring data from multiple sources.

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Semantic technologies
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FAIR data
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Data-centric approach
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Domain expertise
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Agile Development

Build the Future with an Enterprise Knowledge Graph

We believe that the future belongs to those who can effectively manage their data and get real value from it.

Our solutions for Enterprise Knowledge Graph can help you implement a data management strategy focused on a data-centric approach that targets data quality, data linking, data curation, and much more. Our flagship product, Hanami, is a powerful tool that enables you to make the most out of this approach.

Enterprise knowledge graphs provide a robust framework for gaining insight into your organization’s data. You can benefit from unified views across multiple data silos within the enterprise and share a more complete understanding of all your organization’s data.

Contribute to a more open, collaborative ecosystem by enriching and connecting data.

We understand the challenges that organisations and governments face with data management, integration and publication. As a specialist consultancy with long experience in designing and implementing Enterprise Knowledge Graphs, we have the technical skills, industry expertise, and knowledge of open and linked data to help you see data challenges from a new perspective.

If you are looking to improve your data strategy and you believe that your data could make a difference, we would be happy to assist you in making the most of it.