Dominique Vandensteen
Head of Development
Dominique Vandensteen
+32 474 87 08 56

Dominique is the "lightning bolt" of Cognizone. Watch out as his coding speed might strike you hard! He's a Java lover, a SPARQL champion and a UX "nerdy". Dominique is Cognizone Head of Development.

Dominique is a senior application architect and developer with 15 years of experience. He has extensive knowledge of web application development, JAVA programming and JAVA architectures.

He has developed and implemented solutions on different infrastructures, ranging from classic servers to handheld devices. In his projects, he made sure that existing resources (servers, automated build & testing tools...) were supporting the development process in the most optimal way.

Dominique is well acquainted with the latest technological evolution in these areas. At the same time, he knows what it takes to write rock-solid code for reliable industrial strength applications. He is a believer in agile methods like scrum and applies this approach on a day to day basis using sprints, stand-ups, daily builds, demos and automated unit tests.